David Belliard, Transport Assistant in Paris: “we are going to reclaim spaces dedicated to cars”

The former EELV candidate for mayor of Paris has become the deputy for transport in Anne Hidalgo’s team. He promises to further reduce the place of the car for the benefit of cyclists and public transport.


He succeeds the dreaded Christophe Najdovski, whose image still appears in the nightmares of car advocates in Ile-de-France. David Belliard, former green candidate for the City of Paris who rallied the troops of Anne Hidalgo in the interval between the two turns, is the new deputy for Transport in the Mayor’s team. In an interview with Le Parisien, published on July 12, he delivers his roadmap for the next six years. And advocates a Paris of cycling and public transport.

Regarding the car, he is categorical: “Paris is still too done for the car.” He intends to transform the city into a 100% cycling Paris. Which means “do without unnecessary cars. There are trips by private car that can be replaced by other uses – cycling, walking, public transport – and others not ”, explains the deputy.

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This summer, the deputy’s first measure will be to complete the marking of the 50km of cycle paths launched during the coronavirus – the so-called “coronapistes”. The City hopes to perpetuate them thereafter. “This will be the basis for Act II of the cycling plan that we are going to put in place,” he says.

Return Paris to bikes

Ultimately, the goal is to “reclaim spaces dedicated to private cars and allocate them to other uses including cycling, while preserving bus and public transport routes”. This is what was done with the avenue de Rivoli, known for its historic traffic jams, and returned to cycling in the spring. A success that has trophy value for environmentalists.

Likewise, 60,000 on-street parking spaces will be eliminated and transformed to other uses: “Cycling, terraces, green spaces, public benches, public toilets… there are so many things to invent with this freed up space!”, Rejoices. -he.

Maximum speed at 30km / h

Another urgent measure: to increase the maximum speed of circulation in the city to 30 km / h. “It will be done in the next few weeks.” Likewise, For the periphery at 50 km / h and its transformation, I am going to relaunch the work that has been started, with a mid-term horizon ”, foresees the deputy for Transport.

On the transport side, the States General on mobility planned by the city at the end of November will be an opportunity to discuss current projects: new infrastructures, scooters, access to bus lanes for mountain bikes (a priori, David Belliard is against), or still charge scooters and motorcycles for parking.

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Asked about upcoming projects, David Belliard confided in concentrating first on the end of the construction of the tram from Porte d’Asnières to Porte Dauphine: “There is a funding problem, with a participation of the State which still does not come. ”, he regrets.