Ghosn, pending decision, vows to stay in Japan if released

In a new attempt to secure bail, Carlos Ghosn, who has been detained for two months in Tokyo, has vowed to stay in Japan if released, while again proclaiming his innocence.

Carlos Ghosn, November 8, 2018

In a new attempt to secure bail, Carlos Ghosn, who has been detained for two months in Tokyo, has vowed to stay in Japan if released, while again proclaiming his innocence.

The Tokyo court is examining the request of Mr. Ghosn, indicted for breach of trust and other financial embezzlement. His previous requests were dismissed on the grounds of the risk of leakage and tampering with the evidence. Monday evening in Tokyo the decision had still not fallen.

If he does not respond specifically to the second fears, the 64-year-old businessman, who knows he will soon lose his position as CEO of Renault, agrees to remain in the archipelago.

“As the court has to consider my bail application, I want to stress that I will be residing in Japan and that I will comply with all conditions requested by the court,” Ghosn said in a statement released by his representatives based in Japan. United States.

Imprisoned for 64 days “without release in sight”, he undertakes to attend any trial that may ensue “not only because I am legally obliged to do so, but because I am eager to finally have the opportunity. to defend myself ”.

“I am not guilty of the charges against me and I look forward to defending my reputation in court,” he concludes in his press release.

Electronic bracelet ?

Mr. Ghosn, arrested when he got off his private jet in Japan on November 19, made a single public appearance on January 8 before the Tokyo court. Appeared emaciated, he said he was wrongly accused, claiming to have “always acted with integrity”.

According to his spokesperson Devon Spurgeon, his family has already found an apartment in Tokyo where he could stay pending trial, with an electronic bracelet paid for by him. However, this system does not exist in Japan, the justice ministry said.

The automaker Nissan, which caused its downfall by exposing “serious acts”, in its terms, before passing the information on to justice, terminated on January 7 the lease of its luxury accommodation, at monthly rent over $ 12,000.

Carlos Ghosn also promised to return his three passports (French, Lebanese and Brazilian), to refrain from contacting people linked to the case and to hire security guards approved by the prosecution to monitor his movements, detailed Mrs. Spurgeon.

His wife, Carole Ghosn, once again denounced, in an interview with Paris Match magazine, his conditions of detention, describing them as “deplorable, even inhuman”. “Life in isolation is a straitjacket intended to make him crack”, she insisted, calling on French President Emmanuel Macron and the NGO Human Rights Watch.

Mr. Ghosn’s main lawyer, Motonari Otsuru, however assured that he never complained to him. He can now also receive visits from his family, in addition to those of his lawyers and representatives of the countries of which he holds nationality.

Renault turnover expected

On the side of the alliance, very weakened by this affair, new rumors of merger coming from the Japanese media came to sow confusion this weekend.

The scenario of a merger between the two car manufacturers “is not on the table”, reacted the French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

The French State, a shareholder of Renault, is “attached to the proper functioning” and “sustainability” of the existing alliance between Renault and Nissan. “This is what we have always indicated to the Japanese authorities,” he added.

Nissan boss Hiroto Saikawa has never hidden his hostility to integration with Renault, its largest shareholder with 43% of the capital. The Japanese company for its part owns 15% of the shares of the diamond group, but without voting rights at general meetings.

Renault is expected to meet its board of directors in the coming days to appoint a replacement for Carlos Ghosn, already dismissed by Japanese allies Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors.

Often mentioned scenario: the position of CEO of Renault could be split in two, with a chairman of the board of directors on one side and an executive director general on the other, the name of Thierry Bolloré, appointed a year ago assistant to Carlos Ghosn, returning most often for this last post.

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