Transport: Against containment losses, a refundable advance for IDF Mobilités

A repayable advance of more than one billion euros could be paid to Ile-de-France Mobilités, which organizes transport in the region and has suffered from the coronavirus crisis, the budget rapporteur proposes to the Laurentian Assembly on Sunday. Saint-Martin.


This advance would be intended to “fully” compensate for the “ticket office losses” (tickets, Navigo pass) suffered by Ile-de-France Mobilités in 2020, and would “very likely exceed one billion euros”, explains the LREM deputy to Le Parisien . “We can act on the principle of an advance of 1 to 1.5 billion euros, to be refined, to be reimbursed to the State without interest from 2023”, continues Mr. Saint-Martin, who will propose this solution in as part of the fall budget discussions. The envelope would then be paid in January 2021.

This measure would respond favorably to the repeated request of the President of the Region Valérie Pécresse who estimates at 2.6 billion euros the hole created by the Covid-19 pandemic in the region’s public transport budget. The standoff with the state led Valérie Pécresse to suspend payments to RATP and SNCF, which operate trains, subways, trams and buses.

In addition, another subsidy of 600 million euros will be paid “in the coming days” to the organizing authority in order to absorb its tax losses, in accordance with an amendment voted in July, recalled Mr. Saint-Martin. Ile-de-France mobilités collects the mobilities payment, a tax paid by companies. In return for this aid, Mr. Saint-Martin urges Ile-de-France mobilités to “maintain” “essential investments” to “improve daily transport”.

(with AFP)