Who is Patrice Caine, the man who made Thales change dimension?

With the recent acquisition of Gemalto, this quadra has propelled the Thales flagship among the global tech giants. A change of dimension for this affable X-Mines, able also to bite when needed.

Patrick Caine CEO Thales at the Viva Tech trade fair on 05/17/2019 portrait 614

This April 2, Patrice Caine has the smile of the great days. In the premises of the Digital Factory, the Thales geek factory on rue La Fayette, in Paris, the CEO of Thales announces the completion of the largest operation in the group’s history: the takeover of digital security specialist Gemalto for 5.6 billion euros. “This is a historic day, jubilates his boss, alongside the CEO of Gemalto, Philippe Vallée. The acquisition of Gemalto makes Thales one of the largest European tech groups. ” Announced at the end of 2017, the operation suddenly caught on: it gave birth to a giant with 80,000 employees and 19 billion euros in turnover, with 3,000 researchers and 22,000 R&D engineers. “We will be able to offer breakthrough solutions, such as what is called silent identification, a kind of digital graphology, enthuses Patrice Caine. We will be able to identify a person by the way they interact with their computer keyboard or their smartphone. ”